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Creative Design or Graphic design encompasses a wide range of items, basically ANYTHING you see on a digital screen, printed medium or even crop circles all have had to have been drawn, sketched, or designed in a layout program on a computer or pad.  Doing this task is the job of a graphic designer or someone trained in graphic design.  The last 20 years has taught me a wealth of knowledge of how to make your project look good!  Whether your project is a logo design, business card design, poster or banner design, flyer, brochure, or vehicle wrap design, I can assist!  While keeping your valuable time in mind I can deliver a product efficiently on time and on budget.  My process is step by step with no hidden surprises, I get approvals on everything before hand.  No Monkey Business!

General Graphic Design – $50 per hour
This encompasses anything you might need to get done from business card tweaks to notepad layout, to typesetting (yes i consider typesetting graphic time as well) trade show design, pen or mug design, logo set up for different printing even t-shirt printing design.  All design projects are quoted before hand and if we exceed the allowed time we will assess and decide on a path continuing forward.

$250 – 5 Billable hours per month
$400 – 10 Billable hours per month
$825  – 25 Billable hours per month 
25+ hours CUSTOM PRICE

I can negotiate for up to 160 billable hours a month, 
Retainer hours are required payable in advance based on my retainer agreement.  I can work out weekly or semi monthly payments at time of retainer agreement and we can include terms.  This is a service for the more frequently visited.  Start hourly and see how it goes, you might be surprised with how fast i am with time.  Contact me to find out more!


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